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Hat dress

It rolls down all the way
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A hat which can roll down into a hood and ultimately into a dress, with two slits for arms. Comes with a matching pair of tights with a rolled waistband so as to meet in the middle if desired, and a pair of gloves which roll up to the shoulders. Makes it really easy and fast to get dressed on cold days (without washing though) - just roll them on while still in bed.
nineteenthly, Dec 19 2008

Hot in only a hat and a pair of boots Hot_20in_20only_20a...20Pair_20of_20Boots
by FarmerJohn. Not the same. [calum, Dec 19 2008]


       Indeed it's not like that idea. I hadn't seen that before, it's good.
nineteenthly, Dec 19 2008

       Indeed it's not like that idea. I hadn't seen that before, it's good. Wish i could draw.
nineteenthly, Dec 19 2008

       If it is springloaded, like a window blind, it would make getting undressed very fast. I envision beach-ready at the touch of a button, with street clothes converted to a stylish and shady chapeau.   

       Or is that gateau? One of those. Maybe the option of either.
bungston, Dec 19 2008

       Edible too then? Yep, fine by me. I´m not sure you could make it equally easy to put on and take off.
nineteenthly, Dec 19 2008

       + cool idea, seems like it can be used by monks, also.
xandram, Dec 20 2008

       True. Actually, it´s easily bakeable if you can knit too (i can ´t).
nineteenthly, Dec 20 2008

       Sounds like a burkha.
tatterdemalion, Dec 21 2008

       Graduation's never going to be the same.   


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