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hats w/ bangs

hats with hair pieces attached to them
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So you can have bangs while the hats on and get rid of them when you take the hat off.

The hat can have braids and such too. In funny colors, perhaps.

manylulus2, Apr 20 2000

Rasta Wig Hat http://www.funshop....detail.aspx?ID=5034
$14.99 [jutta, Apr 20 2000, last modified Sep 22 2006]


       Don't they sell these at spencers?
blah, Apr 22 2000

       oh girl, you are wrong for that one...:~)
MsMija, Jun 28 2000

       Licorice works for me. If I get hungry...
thumbwax, Oct 02 2000

       The Whooley Band has fake hair in the picture, it says 'does not come with this yellow hair'.
StarChaser, Oct 02 2000

       Oops! (Link to Whooley Band that doesn't actually come with fake yellow hair deleted.)
jutta, Oct 03 2000


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