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Hat over the Fence 2

Solve one of the big problems, and send the solution to mars
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I propose that some eccentric billionaire should spend his billions on the solution to one of mankind's big questions: an AIDS vaccine, the God algorithm, cheap organ cloning, complex matter replication, and so forth. The billionaire should then send that solution to Mars in a container that can only be opened by a human or robot with human capabilities actually being there.

Possibilities include an ever-changing puzzle of a type difficult for a computer but not difficult for a person, the answer to which must be entered within 373 light-seconds (the closest approach to earth in light seconds times two); A puzzle requiring human dexterity; a sensor requiring fresh, living human cells (only a hundred or so) with no freezer damage; or something of the sort, or some combination thereof.

It should be bluffed that the artifact is boobytrapped against machines, such that the information would be destroyed if a machine tries to get to it.
Voice, Jul 03 2008

HOTFTS 1, the quickening _22Hat_20over_20the...nce_22_20to_20Space
for [wagster] [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 05 2008]

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       A method for cheaply getting to Mars would work for me.
ldischler, Jul 03 2008

       //spend his billions on the solution to one of mankind's big questions// Several problems here.   

       (1) Billions are already being spent on everything you mentioned apart from searching for a god algorithm (whatever that may be). More money will help, but you don't just go out and buy these things from a discount oracle.   

       (2) The additional billions will be spent on recruiting additional hundreds of scientists. Their main interest is going to be in some combination of (a) saving lives or (b) becoming famous and successful. Neither of these objectives is going to be met by shipping the solution to Mars. So, either no scientists, or leaky scientists.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 03 2008

       c) remuneration?
Texticle, Jul 03 2008

       What is Hat Over the Fence 1?
wagster, Jul 05 2008

       Of course. Silly me.
wagster, Jul 05 2008

       the "quickening" shivers me timbers - where's Afro?
po, Jul 05 2008

       god algorithm? it's an anagram of Hold Grim Goat, but I think it's too late, as he's clearly already on the loose.
xenzag, Jul 05 2008

       "some eccentric billionaire should spend his billions" - ah, yes, spending other people's money, the solution to all the world's ills!   

       But frankly, this is out and out Wibni.
DrCurry, Jul 05 2008


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