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Hat over the Fence 5

The Martian colony will be funded!
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Some people are trying to get people to Mars, but in fact we already have a Martian colony! I bet you didn't know that. The colony isn't doing well at all. We really need a 100 ton launch to the Martian surface to send them supplies until they can be rescued. Look at the grimy, emaciated face of this poor Martian child. For only a dollar a day you can get his colony the support it needs. How many Martian children can you save from poverty? Call now or you're an evil bastard who doesn't care about the women and children.
Voice, Sep 07 2021


       Ahh yes! You might be able to convince billionaire genius engineers to build a system of booster rockets and interplanetary craft with 100 tonne payload capacity as a rescue mission, just like worked so well for that youth football team in Thailand.   

Frankx, Sep 07 2021

       Mars: the only planet entirely populated by robots (true, as far as we know)
hippo, Sep 08 2021

       We should re-name it Robotworld. Cyberplanet? Oh, 4th of 8?
Frankx, Sep 08 2021


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