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Hat over the Fence 4

Just when you thought the series was over
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Research toward sending people into space can be encouraged with a massive advertising campaign. Funded by an anonymous billionaire with a financial interest in the space industry it would advertise the wonderful, adventurous, and glamorous life of a Space Pioneer. If enough people become convinced this is the life for them they'll start to ask their politicians why we aren't there yet.
Voice, Jul 12 2010


       If an anonymous billionaire told you to jump off a cliff...?
zen_tom, Jul 12 2010

       Hat over the fence approach to space travel would be the one in _2001_: The Discovery was a one-way trip; there was going to be a second ship to recover the crew -- but that one wasn't built yet, when Discovery was launched. Talk about a Congress-proof budget for manned space exploration!
mouseposture, Jul 13 2010

       "A new life awaits you in the offworld colonies..."
normzone, Jul 13 2010


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