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Hat over the Fence 3

Part 3 of the venerable HOTF series!
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A billionaire should spend his billions hiring the worlds best mathematicians to solve one of the more stubborn therums. If that proves impossible, any revolutionary new idea in math will do. The proof should be secretly peer-reviewed under a non-disclosure agreement.

Next a radio signal would be sent to bounce off of Mars, relayed by a satellite in high earth orbit to disguise the origin. The signal would consist of an invented "hello earthlings" we-are- friendly-aliens signal, the mathematical proof, and an invitation to come and meet the aliens on a planet near alpha centauri. It would also be mentioned that no further communication would be forthcoming until we get there.

Edit: spell check
Voice, Jul 19 2008

How to proof the rums. http://en.wikipedia...iki/Alcoholic_proof
[jutta, Jul 19 2008]


       This is definitely how I'm going to send out my next party invitation.   

       "Hello friends. Any effectively generated theory capable of expressing elementary arithmetic cannot be both consistent and complete. Come over for drinks at my place tomorrow night!"
daseva, Jul 19 2008

       //Edit: spell check//
Well, go on then.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 19 2008

       //stubborn therums//
sp. "theremins" ?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 19 2008

       So we get the message, ask all the best mathematicians to explain it to us, and they all keep the secret?   

       I like the general concept, but the plan of execution is poor.
baconbrain, Jul 19 2008

       no, no, the mathematicians explain the message, publish the proof, and can still keep the secret.
Voice, Sep 03 2008

       I think a really great recipe for pineapple turnover would motivate more people. What if they offered even more profound answers? I would be very skeptical of any message that could be translated easily without a huge body of reference signal. Where is Carl Sagan when you need him....
WcW, Sep 03 2008

       If one of the mathematicians lied about his work, one could administer thome truth therum.   

       But why does this have to be a billion dollar project? Wouldn't a little Pythagorath demonstrate we are a canny bunch with the math?
bungston, Sep 03 2008

       It has to be something never discovered before. That way the hoax is much less likely to be detected.
Voice, Sep 04 2008

       stop beating the horse, it's well & truly dead
simonj, Sep 08 2008

       What's with these "therums?" Who even knows what they are? Better to invent a method of space travel that wouldn't take a thousand years to get there.
ldischler, Sep 08 2008


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