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Have Billionaires, Will Fly Again

use billionaires to crowd fund the rebuilding of the Antonov An-225 Mriya
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Putin's invading vandals have destroyed the Antonov An- 225 Mriya in a fit of pique to make up for getting their arses well and truly kicked by the Ukrainians.

Far from being the genius act described by Trump, Putin's invasion has turned into a nightmare massacre of civilians; the decimation of everything that stands above ground level; the looting of people's homes, and now the complete destruction of what was the world's largest plane, the Antonov An-225 Mriya.

But all is not lost, for we have a world full of idle billionaires, none of whom have anything much better to do with their money than to try and outdo each other with trips into outer space; swanning around in giant yachts, and sitting on solid gold toilet seats etc. As well as all that indulgence, the idea is get them to compete with each other to crowd fund the rebuilding of the An-225 Mriya.

Like all crowd funding schemes, there is a minimum starter donation. Since the estimated cost of the rebuild is $3 billion, a mere 100 million donation would seem like a reasonable starting amount. For that you might get your name prominently inscribed on a clearly visible and vital component. A billion would win you a complete wing, and so it would go until the wonderful Antonov An-225 Mriya is flying again, paid for by the billionaires who own everything else now anyway. It can even feature a copy of Trump's famous solid gold toilet seat to make everyone happy.

xenzag, Apr 03 2022

Antonov An-225 Mriya https://en.m.wikipe...ntonov_An-225_Mriya
sadly destroyed by Putin's Nazis [xenzag, Apr 03 2022]

Billionaire Trump's support for Putin's genius invasion https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cRpeJpBYXVs
[xenzag, Apr 03 2022]


       Trump's remarks (link) that Putin was a genius for invading Ukraine can never be excused, and no, I won't be deleting. Crowd funding the rebuilding of this plane is a worthy idea and as Trump is one of the rotten merchants of greed who rule the world now, he deserves to have his favourite seat of wisdom located within its confines and pay for the privilege.
xenzag, Apr 03 2022

       You're not even offering them any sort of realistic incentive TO donate to this effort. A better way would be to offer sanctions relief to individual Russian billionaires for every X amount they donate to the restoration of the plane, but that would seem to go against everything you SEEM to stand for. Who the fuck cares about that plane? Why not try to get them to donate to Ukraine itself, get Putin's cohort to directly fund the people he's fighting? This just seems pointless.
21 Quest, Apr 03 2022

       I saw that thing at Oshkosh one year. I remember being dumbfounded just by the number of landing gear wheels.
RayfordSteele, Apr 04 2022

       Not going to add to the bone yard, but as priorities for rebuilding projects in Ukraine go...
4and20, Apr 05 2022

       Look - it's supposed to be a halfbaked idea, ie the notion of getting half-witted billionaires engaged in a semi pointless vanity project, but the halfbakery is quite humourless these days and depressingly also a place visited by brain dead Trumpsters (aka "The I Love Putins"). I also simply can't resist smoking Trumpsters out into the sunlight and watching them squirm and fume. It feels like a sort civic duty.
xenzag, Apr 05 2022

       would it amuse folks to know that "Anton" is both the Russian and Ukrainian equivalent of "Dick"? As in you're you're not getting Dick?   

       I'm not perfectly certain of the derivation, but if I had to guess, it's the rhymelike closeness of the word to the Russian word for condom, which is pronounced "gundon" and is used as an expletive.
theircompetitor, Apr 05 2022

       Hardly even an idea, and spiced with another heaping helping of "orange man bad" [-]
Voice, Apr 05 2022


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