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hard hat with crumple layer
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Haz-Hat is a hard hat with an additional external layer that crumples when something falls on it, like a hammer dropped from an upper floor of a building unto the head of someone below.

The means that most of the impact is absorbed by the damage sustained to the crumple material, and the offending object does not bounce off causing a further hazard.

xenzag, Jun 21 2012


       So, a bicycle helmet?
MechE, Jun 21 2012

       No - a bicycle helmet does not have crumple zones like the ones I have in mind. Think along the lines of rows vertical fins, with a surface skin, that would crumple up when struck with sufficient force.
xenzag, Jun 21 2012

       also makes it easy to tell when you need a new one
erenjay, Jun 21 2012

       So what's the difference between your crumple zones and the styrofoam cumple zones in a bike helmet from a functional standpoint?
MechE, Jun 21 2012

       These are better. Cycle helmets are designed to protect the head if it impacts the ground, but not if something falls on it. There is a difference. Try it and see.
xenzag, Jun 21 2012

       There are many brands of hardhats that have interior Styrofoam shells designed for this porpoise, so this is completely baked. Most people who wear hardhats all day (I used to be one) loathe the foam-shell variety because they're intolerable in hot weather.
Alterother, Jun 21 2012

       No, there really isn't a difference, if I hit the corner of a brick wall with a helmet, or a brick is dropped on me, the impact is identical.
MechE, Jun 21 2012

       Actually I think that cycle helmets generally are designed to look like they might protect the head if it impacts the ground.
pocmloc, Jun 21 2012


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