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Digital station select

Use a numeric keypad to set the station
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I hate fiddling with up / down buttons to set stations. If I unplug the radio, I do not need to have to reset the preset stations!

What I want is this:

FM 95.7 --> Press "9", "5", "7"

AM 910 --> Press "9", "1", "0"

How to tell whether 3 or 4 digits? How to tell whether AM or FM? Simple. (In the US at least), anything beginning with "1" is 4 digits; everything else is 3 digits. Anything ending with "0" is AM; anything ending with an odd digit is FM. If you make a mistake, just enter "8" as the last digit, as that would force an error: it is invalid.

juuitchan3, Jun 22 2002


       speaking as a dijit, why dont you buy a cd player, then you wont have to listen to the same two dozen choons played over and over, interupted every five minutes by someone trying to sell you something. Or get a twirly dial tuner....
dijit, Jun 22 2002

       Baked: The Sony ICM-7650F. I have one. Also widely implemented on car stereos by a number of European manufacturers including Blaupunkt.
8th of 7, Jun 22 2002

       The reason this is not done more often is that buttons are a surprisingly large fraction of the cost of a small electronic device. (Same reason VCRs are annoying to set.)
wiml, Jun 22 2002


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