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Headlight Shoes

Shoes with built in lights (these are function, not fashion)
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Each of these shoes would have one white L.E.D. or more, built-in, on top of the toe of the shoe (so they will be slightly elevated above the walking surface allowing them to shine over small rocks or debris), lighting the direction you are walking at night or in a dark place, for example, when night hiking, or jogging at night or early in the morning.

The shoes could also have a red, orange or yellow L.E.D. on the heel of each shoe to increase their rear visibility to drivers if they were on a road.

The shoes could possibly be powered by the same technology as those flashlights that are powered by shaking them, each step you take would power its built in battery. Or they could simply be pluged into your wall outlet when you are not wearing them.

BJS, Apr 06 2006

(?) Slippers with Headlights http://www.comforthouse.com/slippers.html
Already baked for slippers, but battery based [oneoffdave, Apr 07 2006]

Shoe Headlights Illuminate Your Night Run http://news.discove....htm#mkcpgn=rssnws1
[Dub, Mar 22 2015]


       BJS is powered by kinetic energy? nice trick.   

       looking at the category, I would have thought that ideas within it would have to be a little more imaginative.
po, Apr 06 2006

       Not really different from the other entry in this category, is it?
coprocephalous, Apr 07 2006

       could maybe have reverse lights and indicators
shinobi, Apr 07 2006

       Yes, it is different. (coprocephalous)
BJS, Apr 08 2006

       [+] while I understand the bones given - it is after all the category name - I think the addition of taillights make it bunworthy. Think I'll add one myself.
FlyingToaster, Mar 22 2015


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