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Rave Shoes

Dancing shoes with LEDlights on them,
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that use the floor for their illuminescent goodness, rather than shine in other people's eyes.

Pleasing pattern in a dark-lit room. The occasional UV light wouldn't go unnoticed, either.

In their simplest dancing mode, they're controlled by weight-sensing, so those "sitting this one out" don't have to fiddle with the on/off switch, and even putting a bit more weight on one leg, not to mention jumping up and down, will cause the light level to vary.

The intention is a free-for-all art form, but they could be wirelessed up to the DJ console for more directed displays.

FlyingToaster, Mar 22 2015

Prior art https://www.google.....6.1331.HJ_4HkHZ1l8
I haven't delved deeper, but I know that some do respond to impact/steps. [neutrinos_shadow, Mar 22 2015]

Perfectly relevant https://www.youtube...watch?v=VvqWtoa-Lfs
[calum, Mar 23 2015]


       Weight sense control would trigger light according to change in perceived weight? Probably change under a certain load: standing on two feet one could detect change as weight shifts but you would still be shining point blank into the floor.   

       There are certainly some sort of sensors in LEDs for shoes. It is a mark of my jadedness that I have not dissected any such shoes to learn more about them.
bungston, Mar 22 2015

       Weight controlled, primarily in the sense of, if you're sitting down they can turn themselves off. Perhaps acceleration sensing for the actual dancing bit.
FlyingToaster, Mar 22 2015

       Fair call on the prior art [ns] though this idea is for lighting up the floor rather than blinging up the shoes.
FlyingToaster, Mar 22 2015


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