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Headphone phone Adapter

Adapter between telephone handset plug and music headphones with mic
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Maybe it already exists. But I spend the entire day in Altec-Lansing "gaming" headphones (boom mic, nice ear cups) and use these headphones with the PC for Skype, TeamSpeak, and so on. I would love a gizmo that would allow me to plug my computer headphones into the 4-wire headset jack and talk over a land-line the way I do on the computer. Being hands-free and having some ambient noise reduction might make the phone call more enjoyable.

Contrariwise, a reverse gizmo to allow traditional telephone handsets to become PC microphone/speaker replacements for use with the likes of Skype might also have a place in the market.

V2CIB226, Mar 14 2007

Like this? http://www.headseta...9f5b6a6199e515dd883
[jhomrighaus, Mar 15 2007]

Part 2 of the idea http://www.skypephone.co.nz/catalog/
[methinksnot, Mar 15 2007]


       What's your landline phone model?
jutta, Mar 14 2007

       Wasn't there a 'phone dialer' in windows 95 or 3. something where you could just dial straight to the landline?
the dog's breakfast, Mar 15 2007

       See link!
jhomrighaus, Mar 15 2007

       I bought a widget at Radio Shack that let me put my cellphone-compatible headset into a landline phone's handset jack.   

       I didn't look for anything to take a computer headset. But they had loads of "standard" phones to use on the internet--but so does Wal-Mart.   

       BTW, most landline phones are now two-wire, even though the jack into the wall still is four-wire.   

       BTW2, why does a computer game need a microphone?
baconbrain, Mar 15 2007


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