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I'm Bored button

Cell Phone i'm bored button
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A button that goes through your friends list and picks someone from random and calls them, its when your bored and you don't know who you should hangout with or talk too. and you can use it anytime as long as your phone has this service but since phone always try to stay on the dot the new phone will have this wonderful convenience

There would also be a feature about ppl switching there phone to an im bored status and a im busy status so it wont call ppl that are to busy and it will only shuffle for the ppl that are bored or either

Grittles, Apr 19 2007

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       welcome newbie. this one's OK, so here's your first +   

       p.s. use a spellchecker.
jaksplat, Apr 19 2007

       (+) For the link. I actually guffawed, I think, hold on a sec...nope, no false alarm, it was just a chortle.   

       Keep the (+)   

       I love the the idea of a surly phone.
"Whaddya want now?" instead of a ringtone.

//Cell Phone im bored button// Does the "im" refer to a poorly capitalised "Instant Messaging", or a poorly capitalised and apostrophised "I am" ?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 19 2007

       More-or-less baked. I have an I'm Bored app on my 'puter, that takes me to a random URL from my bookmark list. I don't understand how it knows that it ought to choose the halfbakery quite as frequently as it does, though.   

       The halfbakery has a Random Idea link, of course. Very similar.   

       Still, definitely a (+). Random buttons rule.
Cosh i Pi, Apr 19 2007

       You'd have to be able to select which numbers it could choose from, otherwise this could be calamitous for those of us who keep some people's numbers so that we know *not* to answer when they call.
-alx, Apr 19 2007

       [alx] Indeedy. I think I need two phones, or perhaps one phone with two identities. Then I can phone from my "I'm bored" number when I'm simply bored, and from my "This time it's important" number when it's important.   

       Perhaps even three numbers, so I can have a "I'm not bored, but later will do if you're busy" number, too.
Cosh i Pi, Apr 19 2007

       Sounds like twitter.com to me. I've not actually tried it, but the way it works is supposed to alleviate the symptoms you describe.
zen_tom, Apr 19 2007

       I have 104 of those on my keyboard. [+]
nuclear hobo, Apr 19 2007

       Why restrict it to your friends? Could it not dial a random number instead? Or perhaps pick a number from a list of other people who have recently pressed their own 'I'm bored' button? (I suspect there'd have to be some kind of central boredom server or suchlike)
Mister Sketchly, Apr 23 2007

       The idea of a central boredom server is interesting, but flawed; a bored person wants to talk to someone fresh and energized, not another bored person.   

       So, to make it work, it would have to be linked to a complementary database of self-important people full of big plans, who would be able to co-opt the bored people.   

       The combined system of two halves could be called The Half ... something. It's on the tip of my tongue.
pertinax, Apr 24 2007

       [pertinax] :) - but there's a possible flaw here. I have to suspect I'm not the only person around here who is a self-important (well, no-one else thinks I'm important, so one has to compensate a little) person full of big plans, while also being a bored person as well. Is putting a lot of such people in contact with each other really productive at all? I'm not sure.
Cosh i Pi, Apr 24 2007

       how about it only rings people who have a similar 'bored' setting activated? so bored people can bore each other
simonj, May 12 2009

       //someone fresh and energized, not another bored person// and //so bored people can bore each other//   

       I've just had a sudden pang of rememberance - when I was a spotty teenager, there was this friend who, on sunny weekends would come around unannounced because he was bored. I might have been quite happy doing something or other, but now I had to provide entertainment for both of us. I should have said "bog off" but I wasn't really doing anything special, and that might have seemed rude. After a while, my entertainment would run out, and because I couldn't go back to my singular persuits, now the both of us would be bored, together. And so my friend would repeat the same bright idea as before, to go and call on someone else, only now with me in tow. By this method, a boredom snowball would ensue until about 10 of us ended up sitting in someone's bedroom, all wishing we could go back to doing whatever we were doing before Dan came round.
zen_tom, May 12 2009

       [Cosh], does annotating on the HB not already denote boredom?
MikeD, May 12 2009

       Tut Tut, [MikeD].
Annotating on the HB clearly denotes a keen and incisive mind ready to wrangle with some poorly thought out internet-based ideas**.

I thought you knew that!

**Out of work hours.
gnomethang, May 12 2009

       [zen tom] and all this time I thought you were actually glad to see me...(great little tale).
blissmiss, May 12 2009


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