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"I'm coming!"

phone responds when you yell at it
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Seems like everyone yells "I'm coming!" or "Be right there!" when a non-portable phone rings a few rooms away. Wouldn't it be cool if the phone could recognize your individual yell and tell the caller "Your party is rapidly approaching; please stay on the line" and also delay the voice-mail pickup? I suppose a remote would be easier than voice-recognition, but then you'd have to remember to carry it...

inspired by http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Hang-on-a-minute_20button

blixa, Jul 02 2001

The inspiration http://www.halfbake...n-a-minute_20button
The Hang-on-a-minute button [blixa, Jul 02 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

"I'm at the..." _22I_27m_20at_20the_2e_2e_2e_22
[u_man, Apr 21 2005]

Cellular Squirrel, a robot that screens your calls http://www.mobilebu...&source=SIDEBARHOME
[Dub, Sep 03 2005]


       but what about in a Vernocracy;where you're banned from sex-what if the phones were tapped?
technobadger, Jul 02 2001

       What's this Vernocracy and how do I avoid one?
AfroAssault, Jul 02 2001

       It's a long story
thumbwax, Jul 03 2001

       How about adding additional voice commands.   

       My mother always ask 'Now who could that be'. The smart phone would cross reference the Caller ID with your phone book and say the name. [Yes, I know there are talking caller ID's but interactive is fun]   

       Or 'Shut the F!@#' up would send the call straight to voice mail.   

       Or 'Checks in the mail' would lie to any collection agency.   

       Or 'I'm busy' would create a sensible lie for a hounding boy/girl friend.
last_minute_fan, Sep 09 2001

       <obvious joke="dirty" funny="8%">You might end up putting them on hold for a while during sex.</obvious>
AfroAssault, Apr 21 2005

       very nice ... croisant for you.
ixnaum, Sep 03 2005

       i had a girlfriend like this once.
benfrost, Sep 04 2005

       <benfrost> she used to call you and tell you she was coming? I had a girlfriend like that, too....
Mister Sketchly, Apr 23 2007

       Also responds to "Damn it! Where did that cordless phone get to again?"
James Newton, Aug 15 2008

       +1 for yelling at technology.
po, Aug 15 2008

       "We're getting Pizza and you're paying for it"   

       Phone runs and hides.
popbottle, Sep 30 2014

       Was relieved to find what this idea was. [+]
doctorremulac3, Sep 30 2014


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