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Headphone, Jack!

The 'i' in iPod now means 'indestructible'?
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This seems like an incredibly simple problem to fix: You're listening to your iPod. And you're walking. You pull your 'pod out of your pocket, by the cord, because it's the only part sticking out. Your iPod comes out, but your headphones get pulled out. Maybe not all the way out, but enough to mess up your song. So here's my idea- how about if the headphones have little tabs, or just one tab, on the end. To visualize-You put your headphones in the plug-in vertically. The tab is on the side of the part that goes in the plug-in. it goes in vertically too. But it only goes in if the 'phones are rotated to the right place, because your iPod has one little slot for the tab. Once in, you rotate your 'phones a bit, and no matter how hard you pull, they won't come out 'till you rotate 'em. Brilliant! Please tell me if this is already done-I don't actually own an Apple iPod brand mp3 player. But it could work for anything with headphones, and if the tab became standard, you could buy a new set of 'phones and still have this feature.
TahuNuva, Nov 01 2007

Switchcraft locking 1/8" plug http://www.fullcomp...product/305357.html
Mono, but stereo would be similar [csea, Jan 03 2008]

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       Far to practical for the bakery.   

       and you shouldn't be in the habbit of straining your headphone cords, the connections can fray and short/disconnect easily
evilpenguin, Nov 01 2007

       iPod users are susceptible to surprise kung fu attack.
Texticle, Nov 01 2007

       *more* susceptible.
Custardguts, Nov 01 2007

       I'm now real glad I don't have an iPod I hadn't thought of the potential kung fu attack related dangers of personal music machines. Close call.   

       Does anyone apart from Austin Powers shout "JUDO CHOP!" any more? I remember it being the extent of my martial arts abilities when I was a lad.
Murdoch, Nov 01 2007

       I don't get into the habit of straining my headphone cords. Except when I'm rock-climbing. And I use them to walk my dogs. And to water-ski. And sometimes as nun-chucks (ninja attackers rarely see that one coming). Also I've used 'em as a belt before... They seem to wear out really fast. I'm gonna start buying more expensive ones.
TahuNuva, Nov 02 2007

       My iPod stops playing if I pull the headphones out.
phoenix, Jan 03 2008

       But what about the voices in your head .... do they stop too .... ?
8th of 7, Jan 03 2008

       //Far to practical for the bakery//
What [evilpenguin] said, but with the spelling corrected.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 03 2008

       "But what about the voices in your head .... do they stop too .... ?"
Only when I put the headphones back in.
phoenix, Jan 04 2008

       Very baked, but not in the right places (ie on iPods).
wagster, Jan 04 2008


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