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MP3 player with twin outs, and a crossfader
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Erm.. simply that I guess... closest thing I can find on here is a car stereo with a crossfader..

Basically, an MP3 player with the usual display and features, but with the added ability of playing two MP3s at once. On the front, two little channel volume sliders, and a small but very robust crossfader. Start one MP3 player playing, start a second and adjust the BPM/beat matching... then cross fade.

It would have two headphone jack size outputs (plus a headphone socket) but would be usable in single or dual output mode (which would be useful if you have an external mixer.) Monitor either channel on the headphones, or the mix.

Other useful features would be things like auto-beatmatch, auto crossfade (digital, not moving the crossfader automatically, though that would be cool :)), BPM scanner and cataloguer (auto amending ID3 tags.) and a laptop mouse pad style scratch/speed interface.

This would be good for house parties - I've often been swapping cds at peoples houses and wished for something smaller than a laptop with twin outputs.

I can't see any real reason (except cost) why this couldn't be made right now with current technology... it would be sweet for long car journeys, or on the bus too...

Danzarak, May 16 2005

Dual iPod DJ table http://portableaudi...ry/1234000757040098
So like this, but all built into one unit, eh? [krelnik, May 20 2005]

Sony Ericsson's new Walkman phone http://www.sonyeric...pp&lm=pp1&pid=10245
A mobile phone with stereo outputs... [Danzarak, Jun 28 2005]


       I think you're right. The problem is the prohibitive cost and size of market. Until you create a chip which streams and mixes two sources simultaniously (no idea if this exists yet or not), you'd have to do the mixing with the analogue outputs of the MP3 players... which means you've got most of the insides of two MP3 players plus a mixer on-top.   

       Once you get a chip that can handle the two MP3 streams and the mixing thereof all you need to do is get a user interface that works on the scale of an MP3 player. Have this croissant in the mean time.
st3f, May 20 2005

       I was thinking that the mixer bit wouldn't need to be that fancy... a simple slider... to keep it simple, you could have two independent MP3 players in a single box, two screens, sharing a hard drive... then it's just two inputs into the slider, and one output.   

       I might build one of these... buy a couple of cheap MP3 players, selotape them together, and stick on a crossfader...   

       Thanks for the pastry
Danzarak, Jun 05 2005

       Sorry Krelnik... yes I saw these, they were the only thing I could find that was similar, except someone does a rack mounted MP3 mixer... I'm thinking of a handheld device, smaller than an old-school walkman.   

       Hey... if you integrated a Minidisc player you could record mixes on the go...
Danzarak, Jun 05 2005

       And there was me thinking that this might be something to do with podcasting.
kaz, Jun 05 2005

       Scratch that... they might as well make it a java based piece of software on a mobile phone, and bundle it with phones that play MP3s... that would be easier... and you could still output it like the attached link to Sony Ericsson's new Walkman mobile.
Danzarak, Jun 28 2005


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