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Hearsay Kisses

Chocolates with rumour and innuendo.
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Hearsay kisses are rumoured to be chocolate candies wrapped in foil with a small strip of paper sticking out the top. Written on the strips of paper are headlines and stories from local sensationalist tabloid publications, dishing the latest gossip on your favourite (or most hated) celebrities. For very small towns, they could be produced by the town's most notorious busybody in the absence of tabloid press.
Canuck, Apr 20 2003


       UB, you may mold yours to any shape you wish. I, my elf, prefer the traditional chocolate kiss shape (named, I believe, after the method of producing the chocolate drops whereby a nozzle on a chocolate dispensing machine "kisses" a conveyor belt ).   

       Don't belive everything you read. Just because it's covered in foil doesn't mean it's a suppository. THAT's the innuendo thing.
Canuck, Apr 20 2003

       I ate one of these just this afternoon, and the little paper strip said: "Canuck is dancing dangerously close to the 'pun' rule." Hmmmmm....
krelnik, Apr 20 2003


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