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The Eminem M & M

A limited edition of your favourite choccie
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Each bag contains a special blonde coloured M & M, fairly tasteless, rather chewy (makes you dribble for hours AKA Rabies) slightly hairy and ultimately, quite nasty.

Someone, somewhere will always like it, of course.

Skybird, Jan 08 2001


       no green ones of course
1978tomy, Jan 08 2001

       This l'l yummy should come in a tobacco-pouch style bag with string and tag. That way when you open and close it you make that 'rap' sound that resembles a fingernail being scratched down a cellophane blackboard.
reensure, Jan 08 2001

       Would it be edible?
Vance, Jan 30 2001

       A marvellous idea. That way one could squash it and mutilate it in various other ways.
rjswanson, Apr 06 2001

       Perhaps you could print little swear words on each one instead of the traditional "m". (just had a frightful mental picture of the talking M&Ms in the commercials standing around in wifebeater T-shirts swearing at each other...)
kitsune, Apr 17 2001

       Leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
Dog Ed, Apr 17 2001

       Eminem is ****ing good... you're acting like a bunch of washed up coffin dodgers that just cant take the fact that rock went out in the 80's. Live a little and allow change.. he has more fans than you have sanatogen tablets. Dont forget to take those 'Seven Seas' vitamins and dont use gods name in vain. Dont do drugs. Other than the multiple drugs that are keeping you on this planet that little bit longer........
Vader, Jul 26 2001

       But surely, Vader, Eminem is wank.
cookster, Jul 26 2001

       Vader is afraid of getting old. Vader does not realise that Seven Seas are what even the younger bakers take to try to fend off the e-numbers that the government feeds us (you know it's true...). Vader cannot yet think for his elf.
lewisgirl, Jul 26 2001

       I like rap music, and have done since the eighties. But Eminem is crap, plain and simple. He's the vanilla-ice of the millienium. I bought his album (god only knows why), and now it serves as a expensive way to stop my ashtray scratching the surface of my table.   


       M&Ms are my favourite sweetie!! specially the peanut ones.. Mmmmm they're good! In fact, Id eat an Adolf Hitler M&M just for the yummy chocolate!!
Ching, Jul 26 2001

       Just make sure someone don't slip a Snoop Doggy Dogg-Do into your packet of Eminem M&M's...
MonTemplar, Feb 24 2002

       Elton John's favorite candy!
Great Satan, Jun 13 2003

       we should only trash eminem in such a way because both M&M's and his image are so commercial. I wouldn't trash the quality of much of his music and talent. Though it's headed in a direction I don't always agree with, he's pushing those limits with his production and writing of so many of these songs. We might as well trash Phish for the commericial Phish Food ice cream that's come out, and J-Lo perfume, and every thing that attaches music to consumerism.
nratzan, Jun 14 2003

       A Hanson's M&M would be more appropiate: mmmmmbop!
babyloon, Jun 15 2003


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