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Heart-Melting TV

One hour of Little House per day
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Prisons are rife with ugly behavior; people being mean to each other. If I ran a prison, after breakfast I'd send everyone to the rec room to watch Little House on the Prairie, one episode per day. In time, the morals and values of Walnut Grove would slip into the subconcious mind of the prisoners, rendering them more likely to exhibit kindness and trustworthiness.
effervescent, Apr 09 2003

Correlation of TV watching to violence http://www.almencon...s/may02/053102.html
Might be counter-productive: "young people watching one to three hours of television daily were almost four times more likely to commit violent and aggressive acts later in life than those who watched less than an hour of TV a day" - and now you're dealing with a criminal population in the first place.
[Picturing the prisoners running riot after one episode too many of the Waltons.] [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]


       Each episode, Charles Ingalls gets beaten up twice and somebody dies. So if TV violence soothes the prisoners, I suppose you could try it.
Amos Kito, Apr 09 2003

       Cruel and unusual punishment!
krelnik, Apr 09 2003

snarfyguy, Apr 09 2003

       The Clockwork Orange method seemed to suffice. Little House would be torture
Shz, Apr 09 2003

       ...and coming up next, "The Railway Children"
hippo, Apr 09 2003

       How about FULL HOUSE rather than Little House on the Prairie? Bob Saget would be a great influence on the inmates!
funkychunky, Apr 09 2003

       Worked for me <twitch, twitch>
egbert, Apr 09 2003

       Make them watch Big Brother, or some similar "idiots locked in a house" programme.
my face your, Apr 09 2003

       [mr burns] is bob ross the stoned guy who paints "happy little clouds that live up around here" and has a squirrel??
squeak, Apr 09 2003

       [myfaceyour] urmm...dont they have "idiots locked in a (sorta) house" 24,7 anyway.
squeak, Apr 09 2003


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