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IWTBTG - Prison edition

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Essentially, create a custom I Want To Be The Guy game for prison inmates.

As punishment, they are given 10 days in prison to try and clock the game, depending on the severity of their sentence, they be either forced to play on hard, or 'ultrahard' or 'wtf' mode.

If they don't clock it within the time limit, they will have to serve the full sentence plus a few years (depending on progress in the game).

If they pass, then they will get reduced sentence, or maybe automatic parole.

There will be suicide watch measures during the 10 days in prison.


Alternative measures: Life in prison is dependent on how well you can play IWTBTG

mofosyne, Jan 26 2012

Wikipedia: IWBTG http://en.wikipedia.../I_Wanna_Be_the_Guy
[jutta, Jan 28 2012]

Walkthrough, 1 of 5. http://www.youtube....watch?v=EzxJgWbm_3I
[jutta, Jan 28 2012]


       WTF is IWTBTG?
calum, Jan 26 2012

MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 26 2012

       //WTF// I looked it up, it seems to be a sort of tediously difficult homage to 8/16-bit computer games of the 80s and 90s - presumably the poster is drawing on this particular piece of niche cultural referencing and suggesting that it's comparable to prison in terms of its ability to induce levels of annoyance and frustration.
zen_tom, Jan 26 2012

Hive_Mind, Jan 29 2012


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