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Heart attack bulb

electrolysis bomb.
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A stretchy balloon membrane with embedded wires connects to a standard lightbulb base. On application of power, the saltwater inside is electrolysed into H2 and O2.

At a certain level of stretch, the two electrodes are brought into proximity, where they generate a spark between them.

For irresponsible pranking purposes.

GutPunchLullabies, Mar 26 2008

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       Outstanding. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 26 2008

       hahaha I *heart* this idea.
XValentine, Mar 26 2008

       If you add Boron instead of the brime, the light from the bulb would further break down the elements and you would get 2xH2O + B2 -> 2x(1/2HB + O2 )
pashute, Mar 26 2008


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