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Heat/chill bra

A variation on the gel bra
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The gel bra is fine as it goes, but I don't think the manufacturers have thought it quite through. After all, you can have freezer packs (containing gel) and heat-your-hands packs (microwaveable.) So, why not have gel bras that you can chill in the freezer (for those damn hot days, or menopause time) or heat in the microwave (for those cold, cold days)?
Miss Bianca, Apr 22 2003


       Didn't po just do a chilli bra?
DrCurry, Apr 22 2003

       no, I was just chilli.
po, Apr 22 2003

       Why a bra, though, as opposed to gloves, shirt, socks, what-have-you?
snarfyguy, Apr 22 2003

       have you tried to put a sock on a breast (or a pair)?
po, Apr 22 2003

       (not going there)
snarfyguy, Apr 22 2003

       both. one on each. don't be silly.
po, Apr 22 2003

       nah Tom, its seasonal...
po, Apr 22 2003

       //don't be silly// Right!
Don Quixote, Apr 23 2003

       Is that a heat/chill bra in your pants or are you over 75?
FarmerJohn, Apr 23 2003

       Miss B, I regret to report that your idea says 'no' to me, but I'll tell you why.   

       It was a wilting hot day in New York. I'd been in a business meeting until 3 and was supposed to meet my colleagues for drinks at 6. I went back to the hotel, threw my fancy Victoria's Secret fake-tits (sorry) bra in the mini-freezer and went down to the hotel gym.   

       Came back. Showered, opened the freezer, and dragged the Very Sexy Crushed-Ice Bra out. Think that space-age 'liquid technology' (it's oil or something) doesn't freeze? Think again.   

       It was like wearing a frozen margarita on my chest all night. While bliss might have found something fun to do with that, I did not.   

       I will admit that I was the coolest customer at the hottest bar in town that night, though ...
1percent, Apr 23 2003

       THANK YOU MISS BIANCA! this is a wonderful idea, i thank you.
1percent, the bra need not be frozen, at a summer camp there were these cold packs that were not frozen but remained cold.
igirl, Apr 24 2003

       Doesn't chilling a bra create nipple problems? Could sustained engorgement produce untoward side effects? Perhaps we should ask Jennifer Aniston.
pablopk, Apr 24 2003

       but gel bras often obstruct your nipples anyway, so that's not a problem.
igirl, Apr 24 2003

       [1percent] i'm fascinated by your story. were you really thinking, "damn it's hot. i know, bra in the freezer! that'll keep me cool!" or were you basing your actions on some sort of feminine common knowledge (mothers teach their daughters about the old frozen bra trick)?   

       from a guy's perspective, i don't think i would ever decide to toss my shorts in a freezer, no matter how warm the weather...
urbanmatador, Apr 24 2003

       //sustained engorgement// should I be worried about something that prior to today, I was perfectly ignorant?
po, Apr 24 2003

       [urbanmatador] have you ever seen that sierra mist commercial, where it's a really hot day and this guy comes downstairs, naked, from his bedroom (presumably) to the freezer and takes out his shorts &puts them on?
igirl, Apr 24 2003

       Excellent question, [urbanmatador]!   

       Yes, that is precisely what I was thinking. And while mothers typically do not teach their daughters the old underwear-in-the-freezer trick (it's actually far more common as a slumber-party prank), I was accustomed to putting my underthings in the fridge before taking long drives on hot days in the Smog Belt. It's an L.A.-girl thing. If you know any women from the City of Angels and its surrounding valleys, you know that logic is not always a major consideration in the things they decide to do. Bra-in-freezer doesn't sound like such an odd prospect, when you compare it to other L.A.-girl activities -- such as apply-mascara-in-traffic.   

       One thing mothers do teach their daughters to do, in hot climates: put the lipstick in the fridge on hot days and nights. You do this to keep the stuff from melting while it sits there in your purse. It also feels nice and cool when you put it on, and that's a great 30 seconds -- perhaps the coolest of your day.   

       I hope that, like, answered your question. Or whatever.
1percent, Apr 24 2003

       No, "would you like to come and play with some slush puppies" doesn't quite work (er, don't know if you have slush puppies in the US?)
Miss Bianca, Apr 24 2003

       //from a guy's perspective, i don't think i would ever decide to toss my shorts in a freezer, no matter how warm the weather...//   

       I would! That sounds like a great idea. In fact, I'm going to try this when it heats up. Socks, t-shirts, etc., too.
snarfyguy, Apr 24 2003

       "Daedalus" wrote a column in the British magazine New Scientist. One of his ideas was the "frigibra", in which the cups were refrigerating coils and the machinery was carried in a back-pack.   

       The idea was that the body would deposit adipose tissue (fat) where it was cold, so the frigibra would eventually lead to natural breast enhancement.
boris, Aug 09 2003

       I wonder if the frigibra would work. Sure would be uncomfortable, though.
bristolz, Aug 09 2003


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