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Designed to be unnoticed!
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Take a bra of any type, and add the following high technology to it:

Imagine a kind of "scale", like the scales on a butterfly's wings. This microchip has built-in photovoltaic power source, a capacitor for power storage, and some iMoD cells (see link). There are also some color-sensors built into it, and a bit of hard-wired programming. Now, cover the outer surface of the bra with these scales....

If light reaches ANY ONE of the scales, it is individually powered and can respond appropriately. And, every scale that receives some light will be likewise activated. Now imagine wearing this bra under a thin blouse. Light passes through the blouse and activates the scales. The sensors detect the color of the light that passed through the blouse, and the iMoD cells are configured to show that same color. If the blouse is multi-colored, no problem, because the scales work independently of each other. The net effect is that the bra becomes (in terms of color) invisible behind the blouse.

All that this Idea needs now is a way to set all the scales to a default color of the skin of the person wearing the bra. Then, when light above a certain intensity reaches the scales, the hardwired programming can assume that there is no cloth covering that part of the bra, and so it will set the iMoD cells to display the default. Thus the bra again seems to disappear.

Vernon, Aug 20 2005

iMoD technology http://www.qualcomm...chnology/index.html
As mentioned in the main text [Vernon, Aug 20 2005]


       It's dark in here, can you turn on the backlight?
Worldgineer, Aug 20 2005

       [Worldgineer], any scale that isn't recieving light is also a scale that isn't reflecting light. It will not be visible no matter what color it is set to display.
Vernon, Aug 20 2005

       that would be odd. [vernon] you are one interesting and inventive person. If this could work I think the market would be huge. I like the idea of a default setting so that if you are not wearing a shirt it will look like your skin. Maybe make the scales double sided so that when the light shines off your skin, it would have that light to change to, and then you wouldn't have to make a different model with a default for each skin shade. But since I do not full understand the technology, I am not sure if my suggestion would work.
babyhawk, Aug 20 2005

       I don't get it. When you want a bra to be "invisible", you mean you don't want people to see a difference between your skin and the bra. The obvious way of achieving that is a bra with roughly the color and reflective properties of your skin. So what's all this active camouflage hoo-ha about?
jutta, Aug 20 2005

       [jutta], good point. So, why aren't bras available in all that range of skin colors? Until they are, something like this is a Half-Bakery-style alternative!
Vernon, Aug 20 2005

       Yeah, I always wondered about that. Skin coloured bras and pants are usually the colour of elastoplast. Not v.useful if you happen to have brown or very pale skin.
squeak, Aug 22 2005

       Oh sure..You mean like: white bra's for white skins, pink for pinkskins and black/yellow/red for all these other skintypes?
Susan, Aug 24 2005

       [Vernon] Why make this bra unnoticeable? It would be awesome to have a real camo-bra, one that changes(like a cameleon) with the colours surrounding it.
Susan, Aug 24 2005

       An awful lot of words to achieve a null effect.
ldischler, Aug 24 2005

       [Susan], This Idea was sort-of inspired by a comment over in the Swinging Bra annos, about not wearing that bra with a low neckline blouse. The conclusion is that bras are not supposed to be seen, and so...
Vernon, Aug 25 2005

       Aha. I was starting to wonder if you had attracted a fixation {Vernon}
Susan, Aug 26 2005


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