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An appliance that inconveniences homeowners everywhere
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So the general trend in technology is to save the purchaser time and effort. I mean you have your washing machine to do your dishes, water pump to provide running water, ect. Now instead of spending a large part of our day doing activities condusive to our well-being, we relegate those duties to machinery and instead spend our time greasing the wheels of globalized capitalism.

This appliance would do the exact opposite; ideally it would be seemingly essential, perhaps even a status symbol of sorts but widely available so all classes of people can have the pleasure of owning such a thing. The thing would be designed to be inherently needy of human attention to keep it in sorts, but the attention would be designed to be ergonomic in every manner. It would simply be positively a pleasure to maintain.

Eubalaena, Sep 01 2011

The Pukey http://www.textfile...zines/TANJ/tanj.098
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A website accomplishing just that http://www.halfbakery.com
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       It's called an iPad.
8th of 7, Sep 01 2011

po, Sep 01 2011

bungston, Sep 01 2011

       Welcome to the HB, [Eubie]!   

       I think you need a better description of your device - I'm thinking maybe some sort of sculpture along the lines of an Anish Kapoor piece, made of smooth non-stainless steel which needs regular polishing, and perhaps with some sort of mechanism that leaks oil that has to be regularly replenished and wiped off the surface.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 01 2011

       This sounds a lot like a pet. Or a garden. Or even a child.
mouseposture, Sep 01 2011

       Or a Pukey ?   

8th of 7, Sep 01 2011

       I wouldn't mind having my own little domestic version of globalized capitalism to grease the wheels of every so often. Maybe it is just a bunch of gears that turn and every so often after all of the oil has precipitated down into an oil pan the gears start screeching and you have to pour the oil on them again. I guess that's pretty good as a conversation piece, although if you really want to start a conversation about global capitalism it's probably worth a try just to throw it out there and not need to have the machine.   

       If the post was actually a riddle my guess is automobile.
rcarty, Sep 02 2011

       >It's called an iPad... tamgotchi... body... Welcome to HB   

pashute, Sep 02 2011

       Remember when computers were supposed to make your lives easier?
RayfordSteele, Sep 02 2011

       I was so sure that this was called a FORD.   

       I would hire a maid to take care of it.
xandram, Sep 02 2011

       Breadmaker fits the bill. So, um, "baked"? ;-)
not_only_but_also, Sep 07 2011


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