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Heated Legos

Halfbaked, indeed.
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There are robot competitions which mandate use of onl Lego parts; no glue, tape or nonLego issue stuff is permitted. Sometimes a stressed Lego robot will shed bricks - especially problematic with long delicate claws and such.

I wonder if heating the Lego bricks before or after clipping them together would produce a stronger bond? This would not violate the rules against glue and exogenous materials but potentially would produce a very strong robot.

bungston, Feb 26 2010

FIRST robotics competition http://www.usfirst....ms/fll/rules1.aspx#
[bungston, Feb 26 2010]

Ultrasonic welding http://en.wikipedia.../Ultrasonic_welding
nifty! Better than my idea. Except you need an ultrasonic welder instead of a cig lighter. [bungston, Feb 27 2010]


       I am thinking along the lines of heat-induced tack between peg and hole. Alternatively one could gently melt an entire little brick and use it as mortar, not technically violating the rules.
bungston, Feb 26 2010

       Yup. I remember a red lego wall, got left in the back window of the car, turned into a fine tool for bashing my sister over the head.   

       I thing you're having a miscommunication with [21Q] - maybe if you made explicit that you'd allow the bricks to cool before applying stress...
lurch, Feb 26 2010

       "...must be made of LEGO elements in original factory condition"
pocmloc, Feb 27 2010

       Ultrasonic welding could work too.
Wrongfellow, Feb 27 2010

       fit them together then microwave spotweld the interior ? (in other words pretty well what Wrongfellow just said)
FlyingToaster, Feb 27 2010

       perhaps lego should manufacture lego screws and bolts.
po, Feb 28 2010


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