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force in design

modern jack in the box building blocks.
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An abstracted simple model of an explosive molecule could be a cube with a triggerable spring. The cube could fly apart in different ways but to keep it simple one painted side pops off. The color could indicate strength of spring.

Given, say twenty-seven blocks, these could be arranged in a myriad of ways, a tight larger cube , a pyramid, a DNA helix shape. All with varying choices of direction of painted panel.

Triggering is a hard one because simplicity is needed. Maybe one trigger block (fully painted) and with fast r.f. messaging, on a clocked signal, to other blocks. Each block knowing the others position or what is touching what could be included but increases complexity. Software could be used to go all out, to have individual triggers at different timings. Blocks would have to be tagged and timeline programmed.

Different shapes, hemisphere, prism, pyramid could also be loaded with springs and r.f effectors.

Since modern embedded cameras are starting to have slow motion capability, this could get the public get on board with unique ways of patterning and manipulating the scatter, as art.

The potential energy is always the same, the dance information of the release is yours to construct. Maybe even patent.

wjt, Jun 04 2019

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       The analogy of hard-rock mining suggests that you might not want the triggers to be simultaneous. Slightly-offset triggering allows you to "throw the shot" in a particular direction.   

       For example, if you start with a pyramid, and can have only a simultaneous trigger, then the box in the middle of the base layer will just bounce off the great weight above it, and frustrate itself between that weight and the ground. However, if the shot starts at the top of the pyramid and ripples down, my hunch says you'll get a more impressive effect overall, with less energy dispersed into the ground.
pertinax, Jun 05 2019

       Learning stuff... liking it.   

       [pertinax] From rocketry the released energy has to go somewhere unless the weight above or below overcomes the capability of the 'spring'.   

       So I agree, any spring face of a cube will act faster the less other cubes (weight) it has in the way to the softer air. Staggering will open up gaps lessening said 'weight'.   

       I suppose that's why drills have hammer action.
wjt, Jun 08 2019


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