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Hairy Lego

Lego with hair (aka Folliculego)
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Hairy Lego has realistic, but fake hair sprouting from one surface of each brick. This enables structures to be built which can then be combed, dyed, curled and styled according to the whims and creative impulses of the owner.

Specialist kits will enable the assemblage of (for example): The Big Hair Igloo, or The Poodled Lunar Lander, or even The Dreadlock Taj Mahal.

xenzag, Jun 23 2007


       Like it. Lego bears. [+]
theleopard, Jun 23 2007

       Lego Barbie. The branding opportunities are infinite.
nuclear hobo, Jun 23 2007

       For Canadian kids who grow up playing hockey - a Lego Mullet.
Canuck, Jun 23 2007

       Cousin It. [+]
david_scothern, Jun 23 2007

       Will the tubular bits underneath have nasal hair inside?
pertinax, Jun 24 2007


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