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a laminated,easy to cut foam like board, with am air drying hard resin inside it
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the sheet of board would be easy to cut through with a knife, being made of a soft,porous material,but when cut and exposed to air, the resin or superglue inside would harden and strengthen the shape ,you could also have a plastic layer on the outside to peel off,to speed the drying process.
technobadger, Jan 22 2014


       It wouldn't set and harden uniformly. The glue around the cut edges would set first, sealing that in the unexposed center and insuring it never hardens.
Alterother, Jan 22 2014

       I think this could be made to work, and that it would be very cool. The peelable layer seems most promising.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 22 2014

       maybe it should be modified , is that ok? how about if it had a honeycomb of tubes, at right angle to the surface,really thin, and with the resin in them that would break when you peeled it? you could even have alternate ones with epoxy in it
technobadger, Jan 22 2014

       I'm pretty sure there are plenty of technologies that would work, based on exposure to air. The insidemost bits might take longer to cure, but they would.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 22 2014

       Heat curing? Use a blow dryer?   

       Just spitballin'.
shapu, Jan 22 2014

       You could do this with lime mortar or lime plaster, both of which harden initially by drying, and then further by reaction with atmospheric oxygen. They are porous enough that the final setting happens all the way through.   

       It would be quite cool to have slabs of mouldable lime plaster which, once the plastic sheet was peeled off, would set. Before they set, you could muddle the edges together to get a seamless join.   

       As a bonus, it would liven up the horse-hair market too.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 22 2014

       There is a cool fairly recent invention for concrete canvas. You inflate a bladder beneath it, wet it, and deflate the bladder the next day.   

       I like this idea as an alternative to fiberglass or even in conjunction with it for pre-forming.   


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