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Ice cube trays

Ice cube trays you can stack up and fill without holding each one.
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It's a pain in the butt to fill ice cube trays one by one. Why not make stackable trays that fill themselves under a slow running faucet? I haven't found any that will. Then by the time you've finished making your 6th white russian, you just pick up the stack and put it back in the freezer.
HUCK, Aug 07 2001

Here is some old Ice Cube Trays http://www.rubylane...grammypapa/item/121
[five4us, Jan 02 2009]


       Not a bad idea.
StarChaser, Aug 11 2001

       Maybe you could just poke a small hole in the bottom of every depression in every tray except the bottom one. But then you have to fill all trays at once. More practically, you could build in a closeable escape channel which will direct the water down below the current tray when it reaches a certain level.   

       Probably the reason these don't exist, though, is that most people (restauranteurs, bar-owners) who frequently need more than two trays of ice invest in ice-making machines and things.
Monkfish, Aug 11 2001

       All you need is a concave upper surface on the handle. Hold the stack at a slight angle and the tap flows into each level. I like it!
djymm, Aug 17 2001


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