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Heliox Bar

Because any one gas would be unhealthy or even deadly
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Too much oxygen is bad for you, too much nitrogen is deadly. We need a mixture like our own atmosphere. Oxygen and nitrogen together is more than baked, it's natural. Refreshing heliox (70% helium/30% oxygen) or even trimix (65% helium/ 15% nitrogen/ 30% oxygen) with different flavors added is the perfect bar that will produce minimal damage to the nervous system. You still get more oxygen than the regular atmosphere and you get to sing in that funny voice for the karoke bars.

Oh crap, I think someone said helium bar in an annotation. I hope this mixture bar is different enough to pass.

sartep, May 16 2003

heliox and trimix for oil-rig divers http://www.under-wa...co.uk/oct/comex.htm
[oatcake, Oct 21 2004]


       Might as well go deep-sea diving while you're at it...
oatcake, May 17 2003

       I don’t get it. - There’s too many contradictions. Is the idea to have flavored ‘air’?
Shz, May 17 2003

       [Shz] I think it's satire. Oxygen bars do exist, god knows why.
RoboBust, May 17 2003

       I agree [Robo]. My anno is satirical too.
Shz, May 17 2003

       //Oxygen bars do exist, god knows why.//   

       I know why too: because they make money.
galukalock, May 17 2003

       *slaps forehead*
RoboBust, May 19 2003

       How about a "Xenox" bar where you have a mix of xenon and oxygen? Then everyone would sound like Barry White. Er, I think...
Stingray, May 19 2003

       Ooo, or even a choose your mixture bar, because there are a few that could work. I just wanted to do a mixture because I felt that would be safer.   

       Xenox does look like a more marketable name and I was considering that because it's there as a list of safe mixtures along with Neox. The other thing is that if those gasses were concentrated even in second hand form in a room you could do neato plasma- y things with those gasses.
sartep, May 19 2003

       A Helium / Karaoke bar?
Zimmy, Feb 12 2008

       Oxygen bars are popular because you get high on pure oxygen, which heightens the effects of alcohol and general hornyness.   

       Trimix is different though, it must be what athletes breathe so they can give 110% effort.
marklar, Feb 12 2008

       Xenon is really expensive and not as heavy as sulphur hexafluoride, which people use to make their voices Whitesque. Maybe that? How about some lighter than air tapas? Helium filled meringues and marshmallows?
nineteenthly, Feb 12 2008


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