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Yo! Ciggy

Sushi style conveyor belt bar for smokers.
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In the age of the increasing unacceptability of smoking in bars and restaurants, this place would provide a refuge for smokers. Calling in to Yo! Ciggy on their way between bars, or perhaps nipping out of the restaurant between courses, smokers would be able to choose from a variety of cigarettes, pipes, and cigars passing before them on the conveyor belt and sit puffing away in solidarity. Just like smoking areas in workplaces, Yo! Ciggy would be an excellent place to strike up new friendships or even just to have a brief break from your normal companions to shoot the breeze with a stranger for ten minutes.
stupop, Jan 27 2004

Yo! http://www.yosushi.com/home.html
The sushi bar [stupop, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       That link just crashed my pc !
skinflaps, Jan 27 2004

       Anything served up on a conveyor belt gets my vote. Well, almost anything. And talking to strangers is good too. Unless you're a minor that is. That's minor not miner.

I would recommend opening stupop's link in a new window.

One sudden revelation and a 'bakery search later: I've just realised that I've been reading stupop's name as 'stopup' all this time. Ha! How bizarre!
DrBob, Jan 27 2004

       It's funny you should say that - I've been calling everyone I know 'DrBob' for the last few years. I wondered why i was getting strange looks.
stupop, Jan 27 2004

       <side note> yes, I would add my suggestion to [DrBob]'s. I got sucked into sushi and couldn't get out!! <side note>   

       I don't smoke, but find that smokers have more breaks then others because they smoke, and now this....hmmmm. I may take up smoking.
babyhawk, Jan 27 2004


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