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Narcosis bar

Hangover-free fun thanks to nitrogen toxicity
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Nitrogen narcosis is a condition similar to drunkeness which affects people exposed to nitrogen at high pressure. It can be fun, and is reversible once the partial pressure of nitrogen drops below a certain threshold. So the bar would have to be pressurised to, say, 4atm. No booze necessary. The doors could shut at 9pm (say), and the bar would be rapidly pressurised until the punters were narked off their faces. It could then adopt club-like features such as amusing visuals, loud music, chill-out rooms etc. Anyone having a bad one could be dragged into one of the many decompression booths and taken outside. At the end of the night, with everyone thoroughly knackered, the pressure could s-l-o-w-l-y be lowered, extra oxygen pumped in to combat the bends, and the revellers turned stone cold sober onto the street after a safe period of time. Maybe it would be best to build it beneath the surface to prevent children chucking stones at the windows.
Nadir, Jun 27 2001

Health Warning http://www.mtsinai..../scuba/gaspress.htm
[angel, Jun 27 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Virtual version http://www.octopus....adlind/narcosis.htm
[angel, Jun 27 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Can you add Helium too?
hippo, Jun 27 2001

       Why yes. Although that'd play havoc with voices.
Nadir, Jun 27 2001

       Ingredients: high presure nitrogen, helium, nitrus oxide, ethanol vapour (oh yeh... must remember the oxygen...)   

       I wouldn't wory about the hydrogen messing up voices -thats the idea. Besides with this lot in the air no one would be in a fit state to care...
RobertKidney, Jun 27 2001

       Ethanol vapour? Brr, you wouldn't be able to drive home after that...
Nadir, Jun 28 2001

       Could be combined with the Narcisis bar for further detatchment from reality.
lubbit, Jun 28 2001

       Love that octopus site, angel! The health warning link raises an interesting point though. If some people are far less susceptible, there would have to be a Hardcore Room in the bar, maybe at 6atm. Otherwise half the people there, especially the regulars, would just be sitting around sober whilst their comrades handed their water bottles to imaginary fish etc.
Nadir, Jun 28 2001

       Pity those who develop a tolerance to this intoxication, requiring progressively increased levels of pressure until the inevitable implosion.
snarfyguy, Jun 28 2001


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