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See the show from across the country, with x-ray vision!
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It's opening night. Everyone wants to see the new opera/musical/dance performance that's opening in the theater. Well, maybe not everyone. Several of the floor seats are empty, and so are a few of the box seats! But you want to see the show. It's too bad you're stuck at home 500 miles from the theater.

We at iStander have your fix. For a fee, we will book an empty seat at the show and set up a high-definition video camera there at about eye level. It'll act as your "eyes" during the performance as it feeds live to your computer screen. What's more, you can remotely control the camera through your computer! Our cameras also have up to a 10x zoom, and the option to see using infrared and x-ray vision. Finally, if you pay extra, we'll dress up the camera to look like a sophisticated theatergoer that emotes realistically and makes clever comments about the show.

DrWorm, Jan 07 2010


       This would be good, but, at the risk of being practical, most theatres won't allow patrons to use video cameras. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 07 2010

       //most theatres won't allow// for a fee?
pocmloc, Jan 07 2010

       I think it would depend on the show. A hit show is not going to allow this; a bomb might, for a fee.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 07 2010


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