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Immortal Puppet Theater

The Show Must Go On. Indefinitely
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Use the process CGI actors use today to record segments for special effects movies (i.e. capturing the entire range of motions for their body and emotions of their face.

Then, use the captured data to power animatronic robots in the likeness of the performer -- whether in a few key roles, or eventually for all performances.

No more having to settle for the second cast or third cast in any performance, on Broadway or anywhere else in the world.

theircompetitor, Mar 15 2017


       I had an idea a few years ago (about 8) for acoustic motion capture, and I only just found it again yesterday, written in a tatty broken molestine. I'd forgetted all about that. Probably wouldn't have worked, but acoustic mocap (acomocap) would have build a 3d acoustic topology by collecting underpants, and then it works. Unless I wrote more that I've lost.
Ian Tindale, Mar 15 2017

       [+] an interesting bridge to sci-fi autonomous avatars. Though, a bit disappointing it didn't concern zombie Muppets.
FlyingToaster, Mar 15 2017

       ... and eventually no more having to settle for actors who are dead, or too old for a particular role, or who've gone nutty :)   

       Eventually Hollywood will probably demand actors/actresses sign their likeness rights over upon death so they can be seamlessly recreated with flawless recreation of gestures, posture, facial expression and diction in future roles, in perpetuity.   

       Part of me actually wants this, missing great actors now passed, and the other part shudders. <shrug>
Russtopia, Mar 16 2017


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