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Make Dr. Seuss an honorary halfbaker

I'm going to the halfbakery, but I don't think I'll ask Hooper Humperdink.
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I came upon this thought while browsing the halfbakery; an idea, 'Catapult to Work', instantly made me think of Dr. Seuss. And I got to thinking: 'Surely, he would have made a great halfbaker!' After all, he has thought of some ideas that rival even the queerest ones on the site.

True, he's deceased, and this presents a slight problem. But I'm sure wherever he is, upon hearing news of his welcome to the 1/2B community, he'll just invent a flamjibulator which will allow him to connect via the internet from wherever he is, right?

Pseudonym #3, Mar 18 2002

Catapult to Work http://www.halfbake...atapult_20to_20Work
By DrBob. Maybe all doctors are naturally strange? [Pseudonym #3, Mar 18 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Um, Baked... http://www.halfbakery.com/user/Dr_20Seuss
[Dr Seuss, Mar 20 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Jing-Tinglers http://familycrafts...ts/blgrinchting.htm
Also baked. Whudya-no. [waugsqueke, Mar 20 2002]

News on forthcoming attractions http://www.scifi.co...w/current/news.html
Scroll down to 'Preston Joins Cat'. Now put your hands up all those who thought that 'The Cat In the Hat' would be made into a major feature film. Ooh you liars! [DrBob, Sep 05 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Where did the herons go?
arora, Mar 18 2002

       hi pseud, Dr Seuss died in about 91/92 I think - quite a while before the birth of this dear place but you reminded me of the thought I had when dear old Spike died recently ; had he ever been a halfbaker?
po, Mar 18 2002

       This is an invention how, Dr. Pseuds?
bristolz, Mar 18 2002

       It's not. It's an 'idea'.   

       What I mean to say is, not all things on this site are 'inventions', so to speak. Making all the French into Buddhists is not an invention, yet it still finds it's way into the 1/2B. (Not that I like the idea, though.) This is more of an 'innovation'.   

       I also considered if it was a WIBNI, and decided not. If Jutta wanted to, she could very well make anybody she wanted an 'honorary halfbaker' - somewhat like a hall of fame.
Pseudonym #3, Mar 18 2002

       I'm all in favour of inviting well known persons to become honorary patrons. It's good for morale when they unexpectedly accept the offer and has the advantage that nobody has to actually do anything. Also, I rather enjoyed reading 'The Cat in the Hat', so croissant for the idea, but I don't think that we should limit ourselves to DrSeuss. There are many other 'strange' (thanks P#3) people out there who deserve to be unwilling recipients of our fawning attention.
DrBob, Mar 18 2002

       [Petersealy] - Well, he certainly thought like a 1/2 baker. It couldn't hurt to make it official.   

       (As an aside: Wipes off the little message under the croissant in the upper-left corner of his screen, and writes 'Oh the Thinks you can Think')
Pseudonym #3, Mar 19 2002

       Oh yah, we can honour people by making them members of our hallowed institutions... give him a knighthood too, servant of the crown 'n all that. Fish to that.
lubbit, Mar 19 2002

       Before I read the first annotation, I was thinking, "You know, blissmiss in particular seems to capture the good doctor's devotion to whimsy."
beauxeault, Mar 19 2002

       lubbit] - We Americans don't have servants of the crown. Or are you an American, and are still stuck on the whole 'independence' thing? Just to inform you, that happened around two-hundred years ago.   

       In all the whole web, the most wonderful spot
Is the halfbakery, where boredom is not
"It's just the right spot for our halfbaked inventions,"
Said all the halfbakers, "...we could have a convention!"

       "Now people like us," said the aforementioned bunch,
Could bake up crazy ideas while on break or at lunch.
And post ideas about custard. Maybe just two or three.
And then the whole place would be ready, you see...

       All ready to adorn it with a spendiforous name.
The Halfbakery, where ideas gain their fame.
The Halfbakery, the web's greatest site,
"Sure beats AOL!" Said the 1/2Bakers with delight.
Pseudonym #3, Mar 19 2002

       One Bake, Two Bake, Red Bake, Blue Bake.
waugsqueke, Mar 20 2002

       "Now,where have I read those words before?"
He asked the gafloopa, who gafloppa'd once more.
beauxeault, Mar 20 2002

       link added.
DrBob, Sep 05 2002

       Perhaps what is really needed is a 'catapult the dead to the bakery' device. We could make a machine that could summon a spirit without all the work, and get them to add an idea before slipping back into the abyss.
Bighongry, May 12 2006


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