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Two weeks of unpleasantness to make the rest of the year seem better
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Most people spend 50 weeks a year looking forward to their 2 weeks of holiday. For two weeks, they live the live they think they would like to lead for the other 50 and they spend the other 50 feeling miserable that they can't do so.

Instead, I propose people spend 2 weeks a year in some miserable, flea-bitten hell hole so that they can spend the other 50 weeks feeling good about themselves...

synik, Jul 29 2002

A bit baked http://www.cnn.com/...8/britain.homeless/
I don't know if this company is still running [dare99, Jul 29 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       The beach is closed due to red tide and/or medical waste washing ashore....   

       Frankly, if you're miserable 50 weeks out of 52, you might want to change a thing or two about your life. Maybe that's how you should spend your vacation.
phoenix, Jul 29 2002

       Simply get a better job. Nj2K International has a few openings for writers and/or web developers - just one more employee would double my company size. Think about it, won't you. *flashes card*
NickTheGreat, Jul 29 2002

       Wow, Nick. Can I have another look?
PeterSilly, Jul 29 2002

       So would a pair of glasses.
[ sctld ], Jul 29 2002

       what does knocking a policeman's helmet off his head fetch these days? people don't do that any more do they? it used to be a national pastime.
po, Jul 29 2002

       The first 2 weeks of my latest job that I spent in training.
polartomato, Jul 30 2002

       Odd logic. Appreciate your crappy life more by doing something even more crappy.   

       Yep. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of shittiness.
waugsqueke, Jul 30 2002

       Now we did this for about 15 years. We called it "holidays with the kids". No more, aaah.
TwoSheds, Jul 30 2002

       Hasn't this been baked by various Indian 'Holy Men'? You know, the ones that persuade gullible westerners that if they hand over all their worldly goods then life will all be a lot better and then after two weeks of eating millet, living in an open sewer and wearing clothes made from coconut matting they suddenly realise that it won't.
DrBob, Jul 30 2002

       Yeah, or there's people who spend a week's holiday cleaning canals or learning to drive. Will the fun never begin?
pottedstu, Jul 30 2002

       So should I donate my guitar collection to a child in Sudan?
angel, Jul 31 2002

       One could also go for a vacation with an extremely unpleasant person, the better to appreciate the unpleasant person they normally spend their time with. This might be a job opening for some people, too.
Gwenanda, Jul 31 2002

       cleaning canals? learning to drive? I spent a week in 1995 in a group clearing overgrown trees from Norfolk fenland, for a 'holiday' price of 30 pounds - that included village hall floor accommodation. It was great. Adversity is a real aphrodisiac sometimes; just think of the idiots who wanted to be imprisoned on TV for most of the summer (Big Brother). If that wasn't the baking of this idea, I don't know what was.
sappho, Jul 31 2002

       I am a child in Sudan in want of a guitar, kapiche?
thumbwax, Jul 31 2002

       Can those 2 weeks be spent being dead, or, rather, undead? I have heard some things have to be lost before one can really appreciate them. Things to do in Denver when you're dead....
ThotMouser, Aug 01 2002


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