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Herbal gas additive

"The all natural, ancient Chinese secret to high performance!"
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You've got people who put "super performance enhancing" gas additives in their cars and you've got people who take herbal supplements because they're "natural/ancient/chemical free" etc. Why not cater to both with all natural herbal gas additives? Most herbal remedies would be just as effective in your car as they are in your body and they'd probably be less dangerous. Likewise, they'd do just as good a job as those performance enhancing gas additives they sell by the gas station cashier, and without all those nasty chemicals. If you wanted to push the boundaries of honesty you could sell it as a greenhouse gas reducer. Point out that for every gallon of "Natures Touch Herbal Gasoline Additive" in your tank you burn one less gallon of gas. If someone points out that you'll just have to drive longer to get where you're going due to your engine running less efficiently, accuse them of working for the big oil companies or being a Republican.
doctorremulac3, May 04 2005

Power Booster Fuel Tablets http://www.opameric...php/products_id/275
"Increase your car's gas mileage between 12-20% with Dyno-Tab, a 100% organic fuel additive that simultaneously improves fuel economy and power by increasing your fuel's octane." [contracts, May 04 2005]

Clustered Water http://www.clustere....com/Research-4.php
Haven't seen anyone putting this in their fuel tank; but, where faith lives .... [reensure, May 04 2005]

Are moth balls herbal? http://www.newton.d...hem00/chem00485.htm
naphthalene [2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 04 2005]

Herbal motor oil Lavender-scented_20motor_20oil
[normzone, Jul 26 2007]


       They make something like this already. Check [link]. I couldn't find it, but there's also that ridiculous $250 placebo sticker that you place on your gas tank and somehow, using nanosuperultra frequencies, it supposedly increases your fuel efficiency by 50%.
contracts, May 04 2005

       Wow! Someone really tried this for real? Jeez.
doctorremulac3, May 04 2005

       I notice that under "How does it work?" there is a paragraph that explains in no way whatsoever how it works. I could talk more convincing rubbish, and often have.
wagster, May 04 2005

       I noticed that too. It's actually quite amusing:   

       "How does it work?
Dyno-tab® has been scientifically proven to reduce fuel consumption, improve performance, improve octane rating and reduce emissions."

       Note the delicate shift of attention, from the vague question "how does it work," to the specific answer "[By being] scientifically proven, [of course!]"
contracts, May 04 2005

       I'd push this all day, or as long as my car ran.
reensure, May 04 2005

       We ought to encourage things like Dyno-tab, magnetic bracelets, crystal healing, astrology and such. Given the financial burden, the occasional lethal effect of failing to seek useful medical help or of following unsound advice, there should be a perceptible amount of natural selection at work.
Basepair, May 04 2005

       //By the way, is vegetable oil herbal?// It is if you mix in some herbal scent oil...
whlanteigne, Sep 30 2006

       The herbal vegetable oil thing is nice. That would actually work, and probably not screw up the car too badly.
bungston, Jul 26 2007


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