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Hexagonal Display

With hexagonal (or circular) pixels in a triangular grid.
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This display would feature pixels in a “honeycomb” arrangement, which I believe would be better at displaying curved shapes than normal displays since it can display strait lines in 60 degree increments instead of 90 degree increments like normal displays.

It would be a liquid crystal display, but it could be made with other display technologies in the future. Each hexagonal pixel would be divided into three rhombus subpixels; one red, one green, and one blue.

The display would have two modes: horizontal mode, and vertical mode. The normal mode is horizontal (with the points of the hexagon on the sides), which would be better for displaying lines horizontally. When the display is rotated 30 degrees it would switch to the vertical mode (with the flat sides of the hexagon on the sides), which would be better for displaying lines vertically.

I don’t know very much specific detail about how computers work, but I know this display would require custom software and it would probably require custom designed hardware as well (which I know would mean some major redesigning of computer electronics, which would be very expensive).

BJS, Dec 15 2006

A regular hexagon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hexagonal
also shows a honeycomb. [BJS, Dec 15 2006]

Rhombus http://en.wikipedia...Diamond_%28shape%29
[BJS, Dec 15 2006]

Liquid crystal display http://en.wikipedia...uid_crystal_display
[BJS, Dec 15 2006]

Chicken Little http://disney.go.co...kenlittle/main.html
[BJS, Dec 18 2006]

Hex Grid Example http://i211.photobu...CD.gif?t=1183324554
[BJS, Jul 01 2007, last modified Jul 02 2007]

(?) Smartslab http://www.smartslab.co.uk/
Display with hexagonal pixels, called "hexels". [Spacecoyote, Dec 01 2008]

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       I think you've already found the flaw. Horizontals and verticals would look very different in this display. Interesting idea, though. [+]
st3f, Dec 15 2006

       "I think you've already found the flaw. Horizontals and verticals would look very different in this display." That is not a flaw, it is just different.
BJS, Dec 16 2006

       For some purposes, like 3D modelling and gaming, this seems like it would be better than the usual grid.mode
zacharyr, Dec 16 2006

       This would probably be excelent for italicized fonts.
BJS, Jul 01 2007

       Would also be excellent for displaying hexagons of various sizes.
Harry Mudd, Jul 02 2007

       ...for example honeycombs, or those knitted bedspreads.
Harry Mudd, Jul 02 2007

       Instead of choosing Horizontal or Vertical priority, you could choose 45° and then horizontal and vertical would look the same.
phundug, Jul 02 2007

       I don't understand.
BJS, Jul 02 2007

       Doesn't pixel shape come down to what shape structure the light emitting atoms/molecules are . A blob is probably easier to manufacture than a triangle .
wjt, Dec 01 2008


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