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Scrolling e-paper display

smoothly scrolling single-line display
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For my e-book hat

A flat belt of epaper material stretched between two rollers. On the backside (non-visible side) there is a print head that impresses the ephemeral image onto the epaper belt as it passes by. The rollers scroll the belt along smoothly at a variable speed.

Avoids the choppy headache-inducing look of simulated scrolling on a pixellated display.

afinehowdoyoudo, Jan 29 2010


       a goofy annotation about just duct taping a thermal printer running on a band of liquid crystal paper to a persons head yet the removability of the hat part is nifty
beanangel, Jul 21 2010

       OK, here's an idea to implement this concept. Two liquids that do not mix: one white, one black. A screen of extruded clear plastic like coroplast but with finer channels. Each channel is fed by a valve that will admit either black or white liquid. At the 'exhaust' side, a separator divides the liquids into their respective reservoirs, to be pumped back around the circuit.
afinehowdoyoudo, Sep 02 2010

afinehowdoyoudo, Sep 03 2010


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