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Hidden Exercisers

An idea for furniture-makers
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Exercise devices in the infomercials, all “fold away neatly” under beds or into closets and you get a five-second glimpse of the thing disappearing.

But when you get it delivered home it takes five minutes, not five seconds, to fold it away, and some part of it still sticks out.

But the Armchairciser, the Bedciser, and the Carciser don’t need taking out and putting away.

Each of them has a number of invisible Velcro flaps. These flaps hide recessed foot/hand grips attached to elastic cords through nylon outlet guides.

Sit in the Armchairciser. Turn on tv. Unzap the flaps. Grab the grips. Do your workout. Rezap the flaps. No clumsy gear to put away. Watch tv.

The same with the Bedciser, only do it lying down. Same with the car-seat. Only do your workout when there’s a holdup in the traffic. [Seat replacements available for popular cars].

I can’t find any of this being baked anywhere.

rayfo, Oct 10 2000


       Yeah. Could have some kinky fun with that Bedciser, too. (Actually, nothing ruling out the other two as well...)
rmutt, Oct 10 2000

       Aw gimme a vote mister.
rayfo, Oct 10 2000

       I don't know whether this idea is baked or not, but it's definitely already been half-baked. In the Woody Allen film 'Bananas', his character starts as product tester for the Execu-ciser. An office where all the draws and telephone receivers are spring-loaded, the chairs have bicycle pedals and where a basketball hoop is in easy reach.
DrBob, Oct 11 2000

       Rayfro da Man!
thumbwax, Oct 11 2000

       Office chairs need (useless) pedals, not just for the exercise but to complete the caged-gerbil feeling so important to modern office designers.
hello_c, Oct 11 2000

       to kick it up a notch, give people an incentive to excercise (live longer, feel better, & look better don't count...) -- for example, maybe when they're sitting in the "armchairciser", they HAVE to use the equipment for X amount of time in order to get the remote control to work -- wanna change the channel? no problem, just do 10 quick reps...   

JT, Oct 12 2000

       Unless they were being given away free, that would give everybody involved an incentive to buy a different brand of TV.
StarChaser, Oct 13 2000


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