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Love, Sex or Violence workout

Positive Feedback Exercise Equipment
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This exercise equipment is connected to a monitor with a favored individual on the display. It includes a Kinect style imager to see whether you're doing the exercise for free weights and a joint sensor system for gym equipment. All kinds of haptic feedback mechanisms and connections are available.

A set of things can be done to this virtual human or animal. Strangle your boss by squeezing a hand trainer. Pet a kitty by pulling down on a chain. "pet" a "kitty" with each crunch or squat. Watching a road go by on an exercise bike has been done. How about a roman galley with an attractive woman in tall leather boots to whip you if you slow down on the rowing? An automated message to your real hubby that says, "I love you so much that I did 50 pushups, a hundred crunches, and ran five miles to stay in shape for you today". Punching bags are associated with your favored political figure, and you can virtually beat the snot out of them. The possibilities are endless and the connection with innate human instincts will keep you coming back day after day.
Voice, Apr 06 2024

Inspiration Positive_20feedback_20grip_20trainers
[Voice, Apr 06 2024]




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