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Lock up water bottle/stash for runners.

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Part water bottle and part U-lock this device can be easily attached to any rail or fence. It locks so no one can take it or tamper with the contents. It is clear and marked "WATER" so it won't scare the police and no one will think it is valuable.

The drinking mouth piece is totally enclosed when it is locked and cannot be touched. It also has a small compartment for stashing some gel or gumi bears.

Now you can lock up your water and go for big loop and come back to it. Who wants to carry a sloshing bottle?

No more hiding bottles in the bushes and hoping some weirdo dosn't find it. No more buying bottled water and breaking your promise to stop DESTROYING THE PLANT.

A thermal version for winter runs that could hold hot coco would also be available.

futurebird, Oct 12 2009

Shameless plug Beer_20Garments
Can be used for water, too [CaptainClapper, Oct 13 2009]


futurebird, Oct 12 2009

       why not just carry the water?
WcW, Oct 12 2009

       Running with water is annoying. It's heavy, it sloshes.
futurebird, Oct 12 2009

       Do you always run in a loop? It's a fine idea BTW.
WcW, Oct 12 2009

       [21Q] has a very good point. The idea of storing water to make running easier is much like the people who drive to the gym to pay to use a treadmill when they could have saved the environment and their own pocket by running to the gym, turning around, and running home. The purpose of running is the physical exertion, so anything that reduces the physical exertion is surely counterproductive?
vincevincevince, Oct 13 2009

       good idea but [-] for whatever abusive crap "DESTROYING THE PLANT" is supposed to be.   

       [edit] a couple alternatives spring to mind:   

       - finish your run at a drinking fountain
- wear a beer-cap but put water-bottles in the holders
- plant cacti at strategic locations and tap them
- waterbelt: like a moneybelt but not so much
FlyingToaster, Oct 13 2009

       Good idea, but typing in all caps about destroying the plant isn't going to get you buns.   

       I'm not so much worried about terrorists (not a lot of IEDs around here, and it seems a bit much to bone this on the premise that terrorists are going to love one innocuous everyday object over another), but I would be afraid of Republicans making a point of peein on these things.
nomocrow, Oct 13 2009

       I like it - a chastity lock for your drink...   

       (Nice to see you around [futurebird])
phoenix, Oct 13 2009

skinflaps, Oct 13 2009

       [linky] CamelBaks are rough to run with -- even with the little strap, they bounce around a lot... if you're running for long enough, they chafe. Carrying a bottle of water is like running with hand weights -- it's bad for your center of balance.   

       I like the locked water bottle, but running a loop from your house would obviate the need for carrying your water bottle. If you run from a different location, you're either driving (destroying the planEt?) or riding your bike there, and can keep your water there. The whole locked-water-bottle seems a bit unnecessary, so [=]
CaptainClapper, Oct 13 2009

       I run a lot and carry a small bottle of water, most of which I pour over my head in hot weather. Stopping to unlock a bottle of water seems a bit mad, but hiding a bottle in the bushes....that sounds very risky.
xenzag, Oct 13 2009

       If it's the sloshing rather than the weight which annoys, what you could use instead is a bottle with baffles, to dampen the motion. You could probably make a serviceable one yourself with a bit of experimentation.   

       Or have a set of small bottles which you fill to the brim, and drink completely (or discard the surplus). Have them clip onto a bandoleer and you might even forge a new fashion.
(And if you make each one less than 100mls, they'll be too small for terrorists, for reasons never satisfactorily explained.)
Loris, Oct 15 2009

       Excellent for people with limited space (who run in loops). I put mine in the mail box on the end of the street for dog walking loop.
dentworth, Oct 16 2009

       /water bottle/stash, stop destroying the plant, so as not to alarm the police/ fb, have you picked up some habits other than running in circles while you were away?
Sparkyplugclean, Oct 16 2009


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