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Hidden Wedgie Corrector

Device to prevent self-assaults and assaults on would-be performers of public wedgie corrections
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No phone booth to jump into when urgent rectification is needed for migratory encroaching loin cloths seeking new avenues of displacement?

Be happy as you enjoy the comfort of inserting your hands into your pockets, where you slip your thumbs through discreet rings attached to thin flat filiments that cross over the front of your abdomen to opposite sides of your trousers then running through easy to attach accesory loops at the seams, anchoring these pullies before they connect to stretegic points of leverage on the lower edge of the back quarter panels of your skivvies. This unique thumbs-up cross-your-crotch-design allows for a simple onetime hitch-hiking maneuver of your fists inside your pockets to correct this hideous blue collar crime.

An added benefit of the wedgie corrector is the elimination of embarrasing interludes for sufferers who must do their laundry in public places. (It is believed that up to 90% of wedgie sufferers also suffer from the related disorder of the fudgies).

Don't leave home without it!

hollajam, Aug 29 2002


       Or just don't wear skivvies, I would suggest. (I didn't wear boxers as I child - nor did anyone ever give me a wedgie - but I suspect these would also ameliorate the problem; can anyone shed any light on that?)
DrCurry, Aug 29 2002

       [DrCurry] The wedgie corrector was designed in mind for ambulating anatomies with 'natural' tendancies for incouraging this unsightly migration.   

       If wedgies have been a problem 'since' your commecment of wearing boxers I would be happy to send my assistants free of charge for a custom fitting and free trial period of the basic product? There are additional accesories that can be added to the basic Wedgie model, "The Rectifier" that include accesory straps to hoist-up dress socks with out 'mooning' anyone doing so.
hollajam, Aug 29 2002


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