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In front of the Scenes Jean Jacket

Perform a puppet show for those whose view you're blocking.
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Attending parades and other spectacular events can be quite enjoyable. Although, it is the not untold experience of those shorter in stature that their view is often obstructed by others.

Those others, whomever they may be, should wear the In Front of the Scenes Jean Jacket, which is only incidentally a jean jacket, for this instance. It's a jacket in every way another jacket is, except in this case cords hang from the sleeves. When pulled these cords provide simple motion to two figures on the back of the jacket.

One of the figures, a human form of relatively tall stature dances a merry jig when one sleeve's cord is pulled. The other figure, a human form of relatively short stature, has wee arms that flail about madly when its corresponding cord is pulled.

A belated happy parade day!

rcarty, Mar 14 2011


       [+] Need a wig with the same devices for those sitting behing Big Hair!!
xandram, Mar 14 2011

       Sticking an icepick into the back of the obstruction's knee ensures a clear view.
8th of 7, Mar 14 2011

       Putting the finishing touches on the statuesque?
rcarty, Mar 15 2011


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