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Group TEE

Community T-shirt Electrolumenscent Enabled
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Community T-shirt Electro-lumenscent Enabled

Ever go to a concert and feel like you recognize some people but your not sure how or from when.

This t-shirt first exchanges information with other t-shirts in the area. Information like time, date, event specific info, gps location. So it will need some intelligence like a smart phone built into it that has a GPRS radio and an 802.11 radio.

The T-shirt has electroluminescent patches or designs on it.

When you get near a person that was at an event that you have been the shirts light up to break the ice and foster conversation.

Now you can question " Hey looks like we have visited the same social event recently and did not even know it what shows have you been to?"

vfrackis, Mar 17 2009

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[phoenix, Mar 18 2009]

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[phoenix, Mar 18 2009]

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[phoenix, Mar 18 2009]


       //t-shit// intentional or typo?
xandram, Mar 18 2009

       Its called a T-shirt in America so international   

       /Addressable Chameleon Clothing/ - No Match /T-sigs/ -No Match   

       This is a physical social networking device that defeats the issue of time and space.   

       When you are standing near someone that was somewhere that you have been, you can tell.   

       The wearer has no control of the thing except to wear it and functions.
vfrackis, Mar 18 2009

       thanks Jutta   


       guess that categorizes the idea then all better now there should be a foul language checker
vfrackis, Mar 18 2009

       //foul language checker// [vfrackis] you know what, that's probably not a bad idea - for those who might not want to accidentally upset their "favourite aunt" (as per that episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm), annoy the descendants of engineers Felix Wankel or Anthony Fokker (to whom you might be writing letters of congratulation) or accidentally score a D in History for an authoritative, but unfortunately spelled essay about the Viking son of Danish king Sweyn Forkbeard.   

       Quite postable in my opinion.
zen_tom, Mar 18 2009

       well yes, you fixed it, now my anno looks stupid!
xandram, Mar 18 2009

       that's ok xandram   

       everything changes
vfrackis, Mar 18 2009

       cool [vf]
xandram, Mar 19 2009

       With my poor memory for faces this could be quite useful [+].   

       The trouble with a foul language checker is that it can be a quite a coarse instrument. Just ask Scunthorpe council why they stopped getting any emails.
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 19 2009

       I think they had the same problem in Clitheroe.
coprocephalous, Mar 19 2009


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