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I Dare You Feature

psychological architectural saftey feature
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I read this morning about a 6 year old who jumped a 4' (or maybe 5') fence to get closer to a leopard. The leopard, off course, struck through the bars and injured the boy.

With social darwinism in mind, why not make it Easier for those who have a faulty sense of self preservation to eliminate themselves from the gene pool?

At the zoo, a ladder to a platform above the fence with a fireman's pole into the exhibit. You would have to pass multiple signs saying:

If you want to feed yourself to our dangerous animals, be our guest. It will certainly cut down on their feeding costs.

I also think they ought to bolt diving boards on to certain bridges. I don't remember which sci fi author I stole the diving board idea from- my guess is Larry Niven

Zimmy, May 08 2011

How to create a quadraplegic http://maps.google....2,0.004157&t=h&z=19
The source of much of our business for the spinal cord injury unit [Klaatu, May 08 2011]


       As someone who got to treat the idiots who jumped off the railroad bridge in Santa Cruz, head first into 3 feet of water, I have to vote [-]. It would lead to more families with teenagers who will spend the rest of their lives hooked to a ventilator and requiring 24-hour care.
Klaatu, May 08 2011

       Klaatu, I think the psychological aspect of having the diving board provided might act as a prevention itself.
Zimmy, May 08 2011

       Bigsleep, I tried, believe me. Jumping off roofs and imitating evil knenivel on a one speed bike. I'm lucky I made it through year 6, I think.   

       There weren't any signs daring me to tempt instant death, though. Not even in the race track down the hill in the woods.   

       I WON that race. I was the first one able to shake off the pain from the horrible crash at the giant ramp near the end.   

       Make fun of my '50's schwinn. Bah! It beat your Redlines and Mongooses, didn't it?
Zimmy, May 08 2011


       An entrance archway festooned with images of previous users (afterdeath or injury) might put people off. So leave that bit out.   

       Some zoo exhibits might be able to climb the fireman's pole. Not that that's an issue per se …
8th of 7, May 08 2011

       Thanks to you, [IT], we don't have to.
8th of 7, May 08 2011

       Well, there goes the Darwin Awards. Perhaps they could grab a feral cat on their way in... [+]
Grogster, May 08 2011


       Sounds like something that tax accountants would believe in.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 08 2011

       Niven/Pournelle 1981, "Oath of Fealty".
FlyingToaster, May 09 2016


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