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Hieronymus Bosch Bacon

horror bacon
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Hieronymus Bosch Bacon comes in the form of a range of outline human figures, stamped out of flat areas of bacon rashers,(vegan of course) using a variety of pastry cutter shapes. Their facial features also consist of very simple cut away slots for the eyes, nostrils and mouth.

Toss them unto a hot oiled griddle, and watch as they fry.

Take a few pics of your own version of an Hieronymus Bosch depiction of hell in a frying pan. Create a website and invite the best examples to compete for an award.

xenzag, Jul 31 2012

http://img.posterlo...e-hoelle-190240.jpg typical Bosch figure [xenzag, Jun 09 2015]


       There isn't enough room on a single rasher unless you want snowflake sized figures after the fat cooks out.
Kumawktopus, Jun 09 2015

       Of course there is enough room.... a single rasher of bacon will make a perfect figure, and it will curl up nicely.
xenzag, Jun 09 2015

       Bacon [+]
8th of 7, Jun 09 2015

       [-] don't play with your food.
FlyingToaster, Jun 09 2015


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