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Last Lap On Foot

Make Formula One more interesting by making the last lap on foot.
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These days it seems the teams who do best in Formula One are the ones who spend the most money.

If you introduced a "last lap on foot" rule it would at least bring back some sort of competition for the smaller teams.

Fred Bananas, Feb 01 2004

Brabham - 1957 Monaco Grand Prix http://www.gpracing...aces/reports/58.cfm
Pushed car across finish line [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]

Graham Hill - Gran Premio Siracusa 1961 http://user.tninet.se/~aiq291w/F161_9.htm
also pushed car over line [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]

Consalvo Sanesi - Reims-Gueux 1951 http://www.f1-stats...nes/entries.php?d=2
beat those guys by a few years... [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]


       So, instead of the running start, we have the running end. I love it! This would give an advantage to the younger, newer drivers who may have ended up at the rear of the pack. Thank you for a very funny visual. [+]   

       Welcome to the HB [Fred Bananas].
Klaatu, Feb 01 2004

       How about the last lap on foot, pushing your car? That would bring back some emphasis on weight reduction (for both car and driver) instead of pure horsepower. [+]
dryman, Feb 01 2004

       Yeah, so that you get run over by the drivers two laps back. Don't think so.
waugsqueke, Feb 01 2004

       Hm, yeah, I also think the running start captures what you are after without running anyone over.
DrCurry, Feb 01 2004

       [Fred Bananas] you want those guys who earn a million bucks a race to run? +
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 01 2004

       waugsqueke has a point. The drivers that are two laps back will run over the drivers who are now on foot, and not accidentally! That way they'll be able to pass their crippled opponents on foot after they finish the drive. This will guarantee grisly accidents every race, and drivers will be diving into the grass behind stacks of tires every time they hear an engine approach. The teams could get additional sponsorship from companies who make running shoes, knee braces, and artificial limbs. The visuals are astounding, I'm just not sure why you need the Formula One race beforehand.
DonBirnam, Feb 02 2004

       What about a running track arround the outside of the track's saftey barriers ... or a sprint that is equivilant to one lap of the track at a seperate, but easily accessable location ... I love it, [Fred]! - Bun for you, sir! [+]
Letsbuildafort, Feb 02 2004

       how about simply throwing in a 500 lap mile race into the Iron Man competition?
theircompetitor, Feb 02 2004

       Or having to retrieve fast food ... after your 500 laps, hit-up a fast food joint, and return before the competition - artery-clogging victory dinner is served. Sort of a professional race + scavenger hunt. See how well the pros handle rush hour traffic ...
Letsbuildafort, Feb 02 2004

       "And the lead car is ahead by several blocks and... what's this? He's asked to hold the pickles. I think this stunt might just lose it for him."
Worldgineer, Feb 02 2004

       //As someone who once worked at racetracks as a sports photographer//
What Associations? Got any pics online?
thumbwax, Feb 02 2004

       Hey, [humanbean] are you close to TX/OK? We need some good looking actions shots for our first outing this season ...
Letsbuildafort, Feb 02 2004

       This reminds me of Monaco a couple of years back. There was a big shunt on the first lap and drivers were running back to the pits to get into the spare cars before the race was restarted. Not having much else to do, the commentators started talking about the running race back to the pits.
st3f, Feb 02 2004

       [DonBirnam] You're saying that the grisly accidents would be a disadvantage?
egads, Feb 02 2004

       Pedestrians on the track may be too dangerous, but on the last pitstop the cerw could yank out the engine and put in foot pedals. Watch them race like 3 years olds, but in the safety of an Formula One outfit. Every mom would love it.
kbecker, Feb 02 2004

       I remember the 2002 MotoGP race at Assen where after the race on the cool-down lap, the fans broke down the saftey fences and stormed the track. Valentino Rossi and other top riders all made PSAs encouraging the fans not to do it again this year ...
Letsbuildafort, Feb 03 2004

       You could require that, while on foot, the driver uses or carries a representative product from each of their sponsors...
"wilson's bag of doritos was disqualified for being half empty, we're looking at abig penalty..."
This would require the addition of a trunk to some models...
DadManWalking, Feb 03 2004

       For added fun, include a few hurdles, a rope swing across mud and a wall to climb over just before the finish line...
Deadlock'd, Feb 04 2004

       I think with LBAF's addition, this could work. Nice one. (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Feb 04 2004

       //You could require that, while on foot, the driver uses or carries a representative product from each of their sponsors... //   

       If the sponser is auto-related, would an auto part count? Because otherwise the Honda team is going to be severly handicapped by having to push an Accord through the final lap.
GenYus, Feb 04 2004


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