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High Voltage Hunting

Silent, efficient hunting or trapping
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If you have to hunt for your survival, or are opposed to methods which cause exessive pain to the game (With bowhunting one must wait at least four hours after a shot before tracking the animal, which suffers during this time). How about laying some chicken wire or similar on a game trail, putting some bait on it, like a salt lick and hanging some wires from above, ending about 6 inches above the ground. Connect the wire and mesh to opposite terminals of a modified stun gun, and turn on. The stun gun can be set to different levels for different animals, and can simply cause it to fall over incapacitated, or be set to cause cardiac arrest. It works like this: Coon, beaver, ect. sees/smells bait, runs on to the (camoflaged) chicken wire, brushes hanging wires while passing--ZAP--its on the ground trying to work out how the hell that happened, and ready to be removed. This might also be useful for police barricades and riot control.
Aegis, Aug 17 2003

Bleeding ID clues = wait http://www.edershun...terShot/default.cfm
Scroll to bottom. [thumbwax, Oct 17 2004]

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       This would work with the kiddy muzzle.
wombat, Aug 17 2003

       1: //This might also be useful for police barricades and riot control.//
Just to make sure I understand - you're advocating the indiscriminate, en masse electrocution of crowds?

       2: In the summertime, this would be a forest fire waiting to happen.
friendlyfire, Aug 17 2003

       [friendlyfire] //Just to make sure I understand - you're advocating the indiscriminate, en masse electrocution of crowds?// A stun gun or simmilar device is not lethal. This is their major selling point. I also meant it more for access denial than electrocution. Also, only those who choose to walk in to such an arrangement would get shocked.   

       There is no standing arc between the wires and the the mesh, as a) the gap is far wider than any stun gun could bridge and can be adjusted for each setup. b) this would make it useless for hunting and c) because of fire danger.   

       [half] stun guns are fully capable of shocking through clothing, (or fur) although having small barbs on the ends of the wires might help.
Aegis, Aug 17 2003

       "With bowhunting one must wait at least four hours after a shot before tracking the animal..."
Where the hell do you live?
phoenix, Aug 17 2003

       I think the reference is to Tequila.
thumbwax, Aug 17 2003

       Psst. See link. It's not a "have-to", rather, letting the critter weaken before going after it, preventing it from going through even more agony while it has the strength to run. And the hunter from expending energy by going on a wild goose, er, deer chase through rocky, tree-filled terrain. In many cases, the deer will trot off, albeit, while pained - for 150 yards/metres before tending to it's mortal wounds. But if it's startled while there, it'll go like an energizer bunny. Hence the wait.
thumbwax, Aug 17 2003

       A google search for "bowhunting" and "four hour" produced no mention of this waiting period.
bristolz, Aug 17 2003

       I used: four hours bowhunting tracking pass-through   

       Helps to know some bowhunters - you can call me "Buck Scout, Camp Cook"
thumbwax, Aug 17 2003

       The four hour delay is so you can drink a couple cases of beer with your buddies and bullshit about all the hot chicks you're getting, pontificate about last week's episode of BassMasters, and then discuss whether Kevin Nash or Chris Jericho will triumph in the WWE PPV special.
DeathNinja, Aug 18 2003

       So, you think there's no suffering in being electrocuted?   

       Somebody back in the early 1900s had the same idea, believe it or not... (even built a 'chair' that would 'humanely' execute criminals, they did) and it was disputed as to whether AC or DC current would hurt more...   

       Westinghouse provided the means, as Edison wanted no part of it (Even though Edison's DC would have made a much more 'tidy' job of it).   

       At least most mobile applications would be DC current based...   

       You still get a solid stack of bones for this...
X2Entendre, Aug 18 2003

       [bristolz] apparently, you left out the term 'redneck' in your search... <G>
X2Entendre, Aug 18 2003

       [X2E], that sounds almost completely wrong.
Shz, Aug 18 2003

       Tesla of the wilderness...
fugazi, Aug 18 2003

       I'm a bow hunter, you only have to wait 4 hours if you missed the heart and lungs completely. They generally bounce off a hundred yards or so before dying, but it doesnt take more than a few minutes. Generally you wait a while because an animal that has just been stuck through the heart is pretty startled, and chasing him around is not going to make him any less so. I think thumbwax already said this so I'll shut up.
bmadigan1, Aug 18 2004


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