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Flamethrower Season

Why not?
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Here in the great commonwealth of Pennsylvania, there are many allowed ways of hunting deer. In addition to the traditional rifle season, it is legal to hunt with handguns, flintlocks, bows and crossbows. Atlatl season has even been proposed, so why not have a flamethrower season? Flamethrower hunting has the obvious advantage of killing and barbecuing the game in one easy step. I really can't see any drawbacks to this idea.
saxman, Dec 09 2007


       Aside from wildfires and your fuel tank blowing up, I'm liking it.
Eugene, Dec 09 2007

       As it seems, there already is such a season in america, although i'm not sure whether it's deer hunting or forest hunting (inclined to consider the second). So you're proposing to legalize it. Sure, why not, I can only see benefits arising: safer, controled entertainment, increased timeframe for emergency evacuation, cutting the overwhelming complexity of flora&fauna in the US. Love it! [+]
sweet, Dec 09 2007

       //I really can't see any drawbacks to this idea.//
Excellent tagline.
ldischler, Dec 09 2007

       Mean and stupid usually walk the same trailer court.   

       [marked-for-deletion] gross-out humor.
nomocrow, Dec 10 2007

       How about a remote detonate pipebomb completely coated in salt lick. The deer's last moments would be in salty bliss.
rascalraidex, Dec 11 2007


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